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South Gloucestershire Council Takes Delivery Of New Multi-purpose Road Maintenance Vehicle From Somerford Equipment

South Gloucestershire Council took delivery of a new multi-purpose road maintenance vehicle from Somerford Equipment at the Commercial Vehicle Show. This innovative vehicle will enable road maintenance crews to carry out a wide range of works including installation of reflective road studs, application of road markings, surface preparation and line removal whilst providing a comprehensive traffic management capability. Using a single prime mover and crew to perform multiple functions will speed up the maintenance process to reduce traffic disruption and maximise return on investment.


INFINITI – A New Generation Of Cloud-Based Library Management Systems from PSP Asset Protection

PSP Asset Protection, one of the UK’s leading providers of library stock management and security solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Concord Infiniti™, a new cloud-based school library management system. This innovative solution integrates physical and digital resources to elevate library and information services to a new level and improve the learning experience at every stage of the curriculum. “Infiniti empowers library and teaching professionals to deliver advanced student services,” commented PSP Asset Protection. “It will reinvigorate school libraries and help to redefine their role in managing digital resources to support online learning. This will enable libraries to regain…


Videalert Adds Clean Air Zone Enforcement To Hosted Digital Platform

Videalert, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traffic enforcement and management solutions, has added Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) enforcement to the range of moving traffic contraventions supported by its DfT Manufacturer Certified hosted platform.  This will be of particular interest to the five Defra-nominated cities where CAZs will be created by 2020, providing cost effective enforcement to reduce pollution from toxic gases, including nitrogen dioxide which is estimated to cause the premature deaths of 40,000-50000 people each year.

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