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South Lanarkshire Council Deploy’s Industry’s First Demountable Road Marking Bodies From Somerford Equipment

South Lanarkshire Council has deployed the industry’s first fully demountable road marking bodies. Developed by Somerford Equipment, the UK’s leading manufacturer of road marking and road surfacing vehicles and equipment, the demountable bodies were ordered as part of a major ongoing fleet replacement programme being carried out by Kerr & Smith, the Glasgow-based Iveco dealer.


Oxford City Council Updates Maintenance Fleet With New Screed Vehicle From Somerford Equipment

Oxford City Council is updating its highways maintenance fleet after awarding Somerford Equipment a contract to supply a new screed vehicle. The new vehicle was ordered as part of a rolling replacement programme to update assets that have reached the end of their operational life and are no longer cost effective to keep on the road. It will enhance the council’s ability to provide a rapid and efficient response to all highway lining requirements within the Oxford ring road area.

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